High Country Rural Crime Watch Association (HCRCWA)

Join forces with your neighbours and the RCMP to safeguard people and property in all our rural communities through awareness, communications and education!

The High Country Rural Crime Watch Association (HCRCWA) helps to connect residents to important crime prevention resources, links, tips and updates by sending out incident and RCMP messages through a fan out network via email, phone, and their website

Priddis Community Association

Cross Conservation Area

Beavers at the Cross

A gem in the Foothills. Book a hike or take part in programs at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area

Millarville Farmers' Market

Saturdays, June 17-October 7, from 9am to 2pm.


Dark Sky Initiative

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

RAO - multimedia - Skycam

Visiting RAO

August 19-20, 2017July 1, 20172017 - July 21, 22, 23














2017-05-08 News Release: Fix Rural 911 Dispatch (web link)

2017-05-08 Sun Article: Foothills 911 demanding return to local EMS Dispatch citing problems with new prov model (link)

2017-05-08 CH Article: Regional 911 providers calling foul over EMS Dispatch consolidation (link)

April 2017 SO Newsletter (pdf-515KB) Several Topics Update

M.D. Foothills ALERT fan-out system (link) - Sign up today for Critical Alerts and Information Alerts - click for more details (link). See M.D. Foothills Emergency Plan doc (pdf-465KB)

Keeping You Informed (link) - Sign up for our M.D. Foothills informational periodic email about events in the M.D. Sample

SW Calgary Ring Road - updates from AB Transportation & take a virtual Tour (link) NEW SWRR Website (link) Lighting Specs for SW leg of the Ring Road (pdf-295KB)

New Provincial Flood Hazard Mapping - info update (link)

New FLOOD-Ready Canada website (link)

M.D. of Foothills Website (link)

Priddis Post Office Notice - 2017-02-07 (pdf-622KB)





Rural Alberta: Where it all starts! - AAMDC video (link)

2016 Update to Hamlet Boundaries: Priddis; Priddis Greens

MD Burn Permits are now Online (link) - when no Fire Ban

Flood Scoping Study & Mitigation Program - 2017-01 Update about areas of Flood concern on the Highwood & Little Bow systems in the MD of Foothills - (link)

Legal Subdivison Finder - website (link)



SW Calgary Ring Road - concept for 22X (pdf-3.6MB) Draft Change to add Service Road for 96 St.-112 St.-128 St. (2015-pdf-2MB) Next Steps (pdf-184KB), 2017 Construction Highlights (pdf-1.5MB) SWCRR Segments Info (pdf-1.2MB)

City of Calgary's new Providence" Area Structure Plan" for future neighbourhood bordering the M.D.'s Div. 4 & Div. 5 (link)

Calgary & M.D. of Foothills Inter-Municipal Development Plan meetings & info update (link) Open House panels (pdf-2.4MB)

Adivsory on Firearm Restriction Area on Public Lands - from Alberta Environment & Parks (pdf-66KB)

McLean Creek FLUZ Brochure - soon to be updated (pdf-1.6MB)

OHV Info Brochure - from MD of Foothills (pdf-2MB)


2017-03 - Study Update Notice: River Hazard Studies by GoA   Bow & Elbow Rivers, Highwood River, Sheep River (pdfs-24KB, each of these River Hazard Studies)


Enjoy local events in 2017: Run to the Market (June 17), the Millarville Races (July 1), Millarville Rodeo (July 21, 22, 23) and the Priddis & Millarville Fair (August 19-20). Also, every Saturday, June 17 until October 7, the Millarville Farmers' Market is open (9-2) and the Christmas Market is November 9-12. The Priddis Stampede Breakfast will be July 9, Christmas Market evening (TBA), and other events on as advertised... For more details on our community events, visit: www.millarvilleracetrack.com & www.priddis.org & www.priddisgreens.net & priddiscreekestates.com (links)


History of our Foothills area:
Our Foothills book has information on the Priddis area (link)
Foothills Echoes book - more about the area (link)
“Letters from a Lady Rancher” by Monica Hopkins; background (link); amazon (link)


Photos, Information & Activities Update:

2016 Regional Broadband info

2016 Digital Infrastructure Report by Cybera (pdf-6MB)

2017 - We're working on a plan to try to apply for the CTI Federal Grant and work with our local municpalities and providers to improve service in our rural and sub-urban rural areas.

2017 Federal Grant info (link) Eligibility Map (link)

CRP - RBI-1 - Landscape-issues (pdf-18MB)

CRP - RBI-2 - Municipal & Regional Opportunities & Options (pdf-14.3MB)

Foothills Broadband Presentation (pdf-10.6MB)

Understanding Broadband - Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Primer (pdf-2.44MB)

Compare Mobile Networks near you, with Open Signal (link)

Canadian Cell Towers Map (link)

Who Serves My Area - GoC website (link)

2017-01 HRT Article: New Program to improve rural Internet access (Link)

CRTC Announcement re service levels (link)

2017-04 Okotoks Online article - Broadband update  




2017 - Our Foothills Regional 911 commission still wants EMS Dispatch back together with Fire Dispatch - Best for citizens! Photos above: meeting with Health Minister 2017.03.21. More letters, more concerns...

FRESC MAP - 26 Municipalities served in Southern Alberta (pdf-582KB)

2017-01 WW Article: More Changes coming to EMS Dispatch (pdf-1MB)

2017-03 Vulcan Advocate article - Health minister to meet with FRESC over EMS dispatch (link)

2017-05-08 FRESC News Release: Fix Rural 911 Dispatch (web link)

2017-05-08 Sun Article: Foothills 911 demanding return to local EMS Dispatch citing problems with new prov model (link)

2017-05-08 CH Article: Regional 911 providers calling foul over EMS Dispatch consolidation (link)

Rural Health Services Review - 2015 report on communities under 10,000 people (pdf-150KB) 2016-05 WW Article: Concerns over EMS response (pdf-1MB)


Also presented letters from 9 Municipalities to Minister Hoffman and met again in March 2016 regarding ongoing concerns...

2016-01 WW Article: FRESC Commission fights for dispatch service (pdf-358KB)

2016-03 CH Article: Nenshi Challenges ill-begotten plan to transition ambulance dispatch to AHS (FRESC included) (pdf-274KB)

  Meeting at the AB Legislature on Nov. 2015 with AB Health Minister about Ambulance Dispatch. Photo: SO and our Financial Director Christine Hummel. I am your Chairperson for our Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission, representing the M.D. of Foothills & 26 municipalities in Southern Alberta which FRESC serves with 911 Dispatch, through our "Foothills Regional 911".


Upper Bow River Upper Sheep River Upper Highwood River
Foothills Regional Water & Wastewater Collaborative - Co-Chair S.Oel
2016- Intro Letter (pdf-500KB)

Foothills Water & Wastewater Collaborative
We share the Sheep & Highwood Rivers, the creeks & streams in the MD of Foothills area with our towns and village neighbours. Working together, we are looking at coordinating our planning for our communities' future together. We are working closely with Alberta Environment & Parks on issues of water supply, waste water and source water protection planning.

Our 2016 WW Report (pdf-6.5MB) released in 2016, with more to come in 2017



West Foothills Water & Rusticana Water
We continue to work with NW residents to investigation the possibility of potable water service from Fish Creek Ranch water treatment facility.  We are in the investigation phase at this time.  More info can be found on websites set up by residents:  West Foothills Water (link)

2017-03 OWW-article: Residents looking for water solutions (pdf-301KB)

2017-03-16 Resident Information meeting, Photo above.


2016-10-06 - Celebrating the opening of the Priddis Greens Walking Path, a mini "Friendship Trail" between Sunrise & Sunset, after much work and collaboration! Cheers to everyone who made this happen - MD staff , Priddis Greens Community Association & WP Committee, our contractor & all financial contributors :-) Thx to Sally Adams for these 2 photos! Check out the Western Wheel Article: Pathway links Priddis Greens (pdf-1MB)


Before... After...

2016 June & July - Paving the Priddis Community Hall Parking Lot by the MD of Foothills with the Priddis Community Association. Coordinated efforts, partnerships and great results!


Concerns over Cyclist, Motorist & Event Safety keep a lively conversation going... Also, in 2015-6, we have installed these signs on popular routes.

2016-07 WW Article: Concerns Rise Over Bikes on Rural Roads (link)

2016-08 CBC Interview: Cyclists and motorists clash on roads around Priddis (link)


  2017-03-20 Priddis Community Association meeting with members and community about a proposed multi-purpose building to enhance recreation and services. See PCA's website for more informaiton: www.priddis.org



2016-07-10 Priddis Stampede Breakfast! We scored a morning of fun & food, without rain :-)




Highway 762 Survey Results - Dec2013 (pdf-400KB) Alberta Transportation Report to be released soon...

Signage is now in place: "Cyclists Must Ride Single File" & "Motorists & Cyclists Share the Road" signage installed at both ends of Hwy 762

Road Safety Meeting - My Summary Notes of discussions (pdf-51KB)


2017 Update - Hwy 762 Construction info: Received an update about Hwy 762 from our Deputy-Director of Operations.  Alberta Transportation continues major repair work to the 4 slide areas.  The work involves numerous cement piles, retaining wall construction, drainage improvements, toe berms, and some Hwy realignment around the S-curves.  Contractor (Bowmark) plans are to begin work again in spring 2017. Construction continues in 2017 with plans for the overlay this summer.


Our Protective Services is making a presence in our NW M.D. of Foothills communities with road tubes, Speed signs and enforcement. This is a chance for all of us to think about slowing down and safe driving.


Spruce Meadows donation to the M.D.; Hwy 22 & PVR Bridge & improvements in discussion

THINK Alberta FireSmart (link) & Community Protection Guidebook (pdf 13MB)

FireSmartCanada - reduce your risk (Link), Wildfire Review Committee Report (pdf-3.12MB)


Summer visits to Rothney Astrophysical Observatory neighbours with Dr. Phil Langill, Councillors Jason & Suzanne - sharing our passion for Dark Skies and keeping the night sky view for the telescopes at the observatory and residents who enjoy star-gazing... And photos from RAO's Howdy Neighbour BBQ...

Dark Sky Bylaw(pdf-2.8MB)

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory in Div. 4 - Light Pollution Brochure (pdf-3.36MB)

Dark Sky Lighting for SW Calgary Ring Road request by council - WW Article (pdf-171KB)

An explanation of the BUG (Backlight, Uplight, Glare) System (pdf-846KB)

2017 - Specs for the lighting to be used on the SW Calgary Ring Road (pdf-300KB)

2017-03 OWW article: Ring road drives light pollution debate (pdf-508KB)

2017-04 Okotoks Online article & radio: Light from Stoney Trail concern (link)

2017-04 CTV News article & news video: Ring Road Construction worries group who need a dark sky (link)

2017-04 A report about Monitoring RAO darkness & sky glow (pdf-2.38MB)


2016 Seaman Sports Park Baseball Diamonds Opening Event
We were very pleased to celebrate the inaugural use and dedication of our new Baseball diamonds on Saturday, April 30, 2016, with the NW Foothills Rec Board, Millarville Sports Association, players and guests.  An invitational Tournament of Ball Games was played throughout the day and an Opening Ceremony took place at noon. The park is located just south off Hwy 549, directly east of Hwy 22. You can find more info in our website and Photos are on our Facebook page, linked on our homepage. These photos reflect the ground breaking ceremony in 2013 up to the park opening day in 2016.

Check out our Website & Facebook page for ongoing updates: www.nwfoothillsrec.com (link)


Our new Crescent Point Field House is now open! Walk on the walking-track free of charge :-) (link)


At work in our community... Fair committee; Police presence - Checkstop near Priddis


M.D. participates in Okotoks Parade; 2017 CRP Planning Meeting re: the Calgary Region's future


FREC: Flood Recovery Erosion Control work, bank protection done in the Priddis area on Fish Creek


Water Wells: A Working Water Well Workshop was held for residents at Priddis this year - presented by AB Agriculture, AB Health, AB ESRD, local water experts and our M.D. of Foothills Ag Services team. We will be running this workshop again... (link)


Septic Sense: A Septic Sense Workshop was held for NW residents at Priddis this year. Our Ag Services partnered with the Land Stewardship Centre and the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association to offer 2 workshops in March. We will be running this workshop again due to great interest and uptake... (link)


ABOVE: 2016 - Beaver Management Workshop at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. MID: Beaver-proof culvert project; BELOW: Beaver Management Techniques Workshop - municipal collaboration project; 2016-10-21 OWW Article - Helping Beavers & Humans to coexist (pdf-2 MB); Info suggestion: The Beaver Whisperers - Nature of Things program (link); 2017 Programs by Miistakis Institute and partners: Coexisting with Beavers Part 1 - MD of Foothills (link); Coexisting with Beavers Part 2 - Tofield (link); Beaver Coexistance Workshop (link)


Met Rick Mercer while attending a Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference

Still thankful for the re-opening of the Bridge between Turner Valley & Black Diamond


M.D. of Foothills Staff Appreciation event - thanks to everyone working for us!


Information, Documents & Report Sharing:

511.alberta.ca Alberta's Official Road Reports - info website (link)

Alberta Emergency Alert - information website (link)

FYI: Road Watch BC (YouTube link) - is a Citizen-Science project for mitigating Wildlife collisons on Hwy 3 and to promote safer roads. Motorists/observers note areas of high collision rates and action is taken to institute mitigation measures when a threshold of collisions occur.


2016-10-22 Bear Safety & Bear Spray Workshop - photos. Thanks to everyone for attending, for our AEP & SALTS team for the great information presentation, and for all the partners who helped host!







Bear Safety & Bear Spray Workshop - 2016-10-21 CBC article -(pdf-3.3MB)

Residents anxious to solve grizzly bear issues Western Wheel article (link, see page 6 of Oct. 29, 2014 E-dition) Report on different perspectives on dealing with Grizzly Bears - after M.D. resident meeting at the Racetrack. Herald article (link): Landowners in the foothills feel threatened by encroaching grizzly bears. Herald article (link): Experts say people can live alongside grizzly bears in the foothills.

Bearsmart website (link) & Be Bearsmart - Hunting & Bear Safety publication (pdf-5.15MB) Bear Spray Advice (link)

Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan - referred to at our public meeting - AB ESRD doc (pdf-4.6MB)

Economic Impact of Wildlife to Beef Producers Miistakis report 2015 (pdf-3.8MB)

New Fact Sheets from AEP about Bears & Bees, Chickens, Electric fence (pdf files, each 460KB)


2016-12-01 Cougar Safety Workshop - photos. Thanks Dan McGarvey (CBC) for the top left photo. Thanks to everyone for attending and Jay Honeyman (AEP) & Phil Marasco (F&W) & team for the great information presentation, and for all the partners who helped host!





















Cougar Safety Workshop - Dec. 1, 2016, 7pm - Priddis Hall (jpg-303KB)

Cougar - description & info (link)

Encounters with Cougars on the rise across Alberta - 2015 CH Article (link)

Cougar Attacks concern residents (Priddis area) - OWW Article, 2016 (link)

Wildsmart website (link)

Preventing Conflict With Wildlife - Cougars (pdf-4.4MB)

Ranchers Guide To Predator Attacks (pdf-11.4MB)

Cougar Hunting In Alberta (pdf-2.4MB)

Wildlife Management Plan Cougars (pdf-4.2MB)

Cougars & Outdoor Recreation (link)

Cougar Awareness - 2015 CH Article - reminding us about the wildlife in our area (link)

2016-10-19 OWW article Cougar-attacks-concern-residents (pdf-1.2MB)

2016-11-09 OWW article Priddis-resident-calls-for-action-on-cougars (pdf-226KB)

2016-11-08 CH article Cougars have residents in Priddis area on edge (link)

2016-11-08 CBC article Cougars encounters on the rise near Calgary, says local councillor (link)

2016-11-10 Global news Recent cougar attacks on dogs, horses and goats spur warning for southern Alberta residents (link)

2016-11-30 OWW article Workshop to reduce Cougar conflicts (pdf-566 KB)

2016-12-01 Eagle Radio Okotoks Online Cougar safety leads to issues in Priddis (link)






Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations (website link)

Alberta Regulations - Fishing, hunting, trapping (website link)

My Wild Alberta (website link) Hunt Alberta (website link)

Alberta Hunter Education (website link)

Safety: A few excerpts of info about use of firearms, conduct and landowner liability (pdf-618KB)

Economic Impact of Wildlife to Beef Producers - April 2015 Miistakis Report (pdf-3.1MB)


South Saskatchewan Regional Plan - 2014 Doc (large-pdf-10MB) In effect since September 2014, part of Alberta Land-Use Framework

Profile of the South Saskatchewan Region - 2009 Doc (large-pdf-22MB)


Values and Voices: Stewardship Priorities of the Southern Foothills - Report of the Southern Foothills Community Stewardship Initiative 2011 (pdf-1.59MB)


A Future Worth Protecting: Beneficial Management Practices and the Southern Foothills - Report of the Southern Foothills Study East Slopes (Phase 3) Beneficial Management Practices Scenario (pdf-2MB)


Priddis Transfer Station: SE-29-22-3-W5M (264 St. W. & 178 Ave) Open Tuesday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; Phone 403-931-3266; more details on our land fill, etc. (link)

Household Hazardous Waste & Paint collected at our Regional Landfill site M.D. of Foothills Website (click)

Fish Creek Ranch (FCR) truck Bulk Water Fill Station is now open. Operating 7 days a week, the station is credit card operated, with the cost of water $5.00 per cubic metre, water pressure is 65 psi from a 3" adapter end. Located at the intersection of 194 Ave W and 368 St W, FCR bulk fill station is 5.5 km south of Highway 22 on Highway 762, East on 194 Ave W to 368 St W.

Calgary Region Inland Port Research Study by Van Horne Institute, CRP & Partners - 2017-04-20: Southern Alberta - Growth of Import and Export Opportunities for West Coast Ports: (1) Agricultural Back Haul Containers (pdf-431KB); (2) Automotive Distrubution Centre (pdf-1.1MB); (3) Calgary Region as a Distrubution Hub (pdf-673KB); (4) Executive Summary (pdf-133KB); (5) Growth of Bulk Business (pdf-1.2MB); (6) Growth of Reefer Business (pdf-286KB)

Okotoks Annexation 2016 - News Release (pdf-104KB) & Annexation Map (pdf-1.07MB)

LUF (Land-Use Framework) Regional Plans, cumulative effects, information website (link)

Our Foothills Our Future - 2013 Growth Management Strategy for the M.D. of Foothills (link)

Our Foothills Our Future - 2013 Growth Management Strategy document (pdf-7.16MB)

M.D. of Foothills Municipal Development Plan - 2010 Doc (pdf-2.12MB)

M.D. of Foothills Land-Use Bylaw - adopted 2015 (pdf-6.4MB)

M.D. of Foothills Bylaws - current docs, addendix to the Land-use Bylaws (pdf-6.61MB)

Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) website (link) - the future is uncertain

Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP) negotiated amendments (pdf-167KB) - I was pleased to represent the M.D. of Foothills during the mediation process to help achieve these changes

Calgary Metropolitan Plan 2014 - with revised changes made to CMP after mediation (pdf-6.47MB)

The Property Rights Advocate Office is open in Lethbridge (link)

A Guide to Property Rights in Alberta - U of A & AB Land Inst. 2014 document (pdf-760KB)

Efficient Use of Land Implementation Tools Compendium - planning ideas 2014 (pdf-1.4MB)

Food for Thought: New solutions for new challenges - A cumulative effects study to understand the economic value of ecosystem services in the Upper Bow River Basin in southwestern Alberta. Ten farmers and ranchers from across southern Alberta discuss what the study results mean to our businesses, our industry and society. (video link - 35 min.)

From Crop to Table: Pesticide use in Produce, a 2015 report by Consumer Reports' Food Safety & Sustainability Center (pdf-11.2MB)

Calgary Eats - a Report of Food in the Calgary Region (link)

CNRL - Oil & Gas information presentation 2015 (pdf-3.89MB)

Highwood River diversion around High River - update - Western Wheel article, 2014-12-16 Highwood River Diversion information & options were presented to residents at a meeting in December 2014. I am involved in this project as a representative to the Highwood Management Plan Advisory Committee for the M.D. (pdf-209KB)

High River presentation about the Enhanced Floodway plan with diversion to the south of High River - December 2014 (pdf-1.81MB)

Room for the River Pilot in the Bow Basin - Report to Gov AB - February 2015 update - regarding work on flood mitigation ideas - including Elbow & Bow Rivers and Priddis/Fish Creeks tributaries mentioned in this report, with comments from M.D. of Foothills (pdf-1.97MB)

Respecting our Rivers - post 2013 Flood, Gov. of AB doc (pdf-490KB)

Proposed Elbow River Diversion through Priddis & Fish Creeks - officially cancelled March 2014, but still listed in ideas for the watershed; statement of concern doc (pdf-99KB)

The 2013 Bow River Basin Flood - understanding the Big Picture (link to pdf-9.1MB), presented by Dr. Brad Stelfox and the ALCES group (link) to the Priddis & Millarville Residents Association in 2014

Power for the Future - Canadian Electricity Map - explore this representation of Canada’s electricity generation and transmission infrastructure (link)

Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council - through AHS, includes our area (link)

Operation Grassland Community - click on the "Conservation Caravan" video link (12 min.)

Update on CETA (Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement with Europe) and other trade agreements; info on international trade (link)

13 Ways to Kill a Community - Summary of Doug Griffiths' speech & book (pdf-146KB)

Cows & Fish Audio Podcasts - Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (link)

The Story of Water Management on the Bow - 10 short Video Episodes - Bow River Irrigation District (link)

Magic of Water - Video by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (link)

Sheep vs. Goats - Banff National Park video - GOat Sheep GOat (link)

Brown-Lowery Park - Foothills Best Secret 2016-08-10-WW-article (pdf-1.02MB)

The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area Wildlife Movement Patterns Study 1996 (pdf-1MB)

Considering Connectivity Report: Maintaining critical landscape connections for the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area in a regional context, 2008 (large-pdf-24MB)