Councillor Suzanne Oel
Division 4, M.D. of Foothills No. 31



If your question is not listed here please feel free to contact me.

Here is a list of the Boards and Committees that I am currently on:

Accounts Review Committee

Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area Board

Assessment Review Board (LARB & 1 Person)

Bow River Basin Council

Calgary Inter-Municipal Committee

Calgary Regional Airshed Zone

Calgary Regional Partnership

Community Standards Appeal Board (alt)

Dark Sky Initiative's Stakeholders Working Group

Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission - Chairperson

Foothills Regional Water & Waste Water Collaborative - Co-Chairperson

Highwood Management Plan Advisory Committee

Highwood Management Plan Phase II Sheep River Study Group

North West Foothills Recreation Board

Priddis/Red Deer Lake Recreation Board

Rocky View - Foothills Inter-Municipal Committee

Subdivison Appeal Board (alt)

Okotoks - Foothills Inter-Municipal Committee (alt)

Okotoks - Foothills Annexation Committee (alt)


Contact the councillor for your Division. If you are in Division 4, please contact me.

Thanks for your support during my first term!  I am pleased to announce that I will continue to serve you 2013-2017, as I have been returned to my position on council without opposition.   In the next term, I want to continue to listen to residents, represent Division 4 views to council and administration, and work to represent Foothills through the many projects which I am currently involved in…

I want us to continue planning wisely, with knowledge of our resources and mindful of the cumulative effects of our activities on the landscape, using our Municipal Development Plan 2010 and Growth Management Strategy as guides. 

It’s time to build regional collaboration and relationships, add to our successes and get on with the business of working on regional solutions, spending taxpayers’ dollars wisely and efficiently, at the same time as representing the interests of Foothills residents. 

I want to continue working on:
-  regional Water Management and Flood Mitigation
-  lobbying for a Rural Strategy for Ground Ambulance that works and incorporates the Value of Stand-By services
-  providing input into our South Saskatchewan Regional Plan as it unfolds
-  representing Foothills’ interests in discussions with the Calgary Regional Partnership on the Calgary Metropolitan Plan
-  our Land Use Bylaw review, finding measures to support Alternative Energy and Business activities
-  the Municipal Government Act review (started in September 2013)
-  supporting Community Safety initiatives as Councillor & with our High Country Rural Crime Watch as President
-  dialogue and measures on Road Safety and sharing issues
-  supporting our NW Foothills Recreation projects
-  moving the Priddis Bridge project forward and getting interim safety measures in place
-  Hwy 762 issues
-  19 Foothills’ Boards/Committees & 6+ volunteer Committees (listed above & in "about")
-  communicating with residents, and more...

Best wishes!  Suzanne Oel - for Progress that respects our Community Values and Traditions

Thank you!

I want to help OUR community maintain its rural character, the open spaces, and enjoy the benefits of country living.  I share the desire to protect the natural beauty of the area and preserve the scenic views on Highways 22X, 22 – the Cowboy Trail and Secondary Highway 762, support Dark Sky initiatives, and maintain areas for cherished cultural heritage activities, such as:

When planning for sound development, I agree with residents that we need to consider OUR environment, wildlife and sustainable resources, especially water.  I will work with you to continue bringing community input into our Land-Use Bylaw review, our Growth Management Strategy as we get into detailed planning and into our regional plans currently being drafted, to be sure that OUR vision for Div. 4 is represented.

Division 4 Boundaries:

North - 146 Ave.
South - 242 Ave. & Plummers Road
East of the T intersection at 240 St. East - 144 St.
West - 432 St. between 146 Ave. & 178 Ave. and 384 St. between 178 Ave. & 242 Ave.

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